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Short Films

Did you ever dream of producing a movie that would be the talk of the town? If you are not a professional movie maker, but you want to produce your own movie, you can make your own short films.

Definition of short films

Short films are movies that are less than an hour long. The duration of these films may vary. Some may define short films as films that have a duration longer than a minute and shorter than 15 minutes, while others also consider short films as movies that last for 40 minutes.

Though media companies are the ones who produce short films, you can also make your own short films that you can upload on the Internet.

Purpose of short films

Like regular movies, short films either aim to entertain or inform. Short films for entertainment are movies that last for a few minutes and have the purpose of providing amusement. Short films that are meant to entertain usually evoke emotion and imagination of the audience. These films may come in the form of movies that focus on either the character, plot or the visual drama. Short films may also be used for information purposes by imparting knowledge on certain things. This types of short films usually come in the form of a documentary. A video advertisement may also be classified under short films for information.

Categories of short films

Aside from the classification of short films according to their purpose, these can be further catergorised according to their format. If you plan to make your own short films, the following are some of the sub-categories you may consider: documentary, experimental or abstract, musical, travelogue, sponsored, animated and live action.

Tips on making your own short films

If you have decided what type of short films to make, you can consider the following tips:
* Choose the subjects that interest you.
* Make sure your films are original.
* Exercise creativity in making your short films.
* Know the medium to be used in shooting your own films.
* Try to make your films as short as possible, so it will still be inviting even for those who are busy.
* Be sure to use excellent sound in your films.
* If you want to put an opening and closing credit in your short films, make sure that your films are still longer than these credits.
* Make sure that you accomplished much in your few minute films.

Always remember that your goal is to create short films that would capture the attention of viewers and other people such as professionals in the movie industry.